Terms of Sales

The present Terms of Sales do apply to any order of products placed through the Internet Service of www.jaipurschoice.be, the Buyer’s Terms of Sales, if any, not being applicable.
www.jaipurschoice.be contact details
www.jaipurschoice.be - JAIPUR’S CHOICE SPRL
Headquarters: av. De l’Escrime 119 – 1150 Brussels – Belgium
Shop: Tramlaan 133 – 1933 Sterrebeek – Belgium
Phone number: +32 2 768 10 86
VAT: BE 0540568528

Service definition and Recipients

The Service is defined as the online purchase service for products sold by or under the responsibility of www.jaipurschoice.be  and available on the www.jaipurschoice.be website, accessible from the single www.jaipurschoice.be URL.
The offered Service and products are intended for individuals acting as consumers (i.e. acquiring or using products acquired via the Service for non-professional purposes) or Professional and Legal persons (hereinafter defined as the "Buyer (s)").

Contract conclusion and acceptance of terms and conditions
The products offered for purchase through the Service do not, in anyway, constitute a contractual proposal so that the Buyer's willingness to acquire them, outside the ordering process detailed here below, cannot be considered as a contractual relationship.
On the other hand, the completion of the ordering process, described hereafter, contractually engages the Buyer. 

www.jaipurschoice.be is valuably bound towards the Buyer only after sending an order acceptance Confirmation, as detailed below, and through the validation of the payment by the electronic payment service provider.

Notwithstanding the above, www.jaipurschoice.be is authorized, at any time and without prior notice, to suspend the sale of products, to modify the product assortment and/or to modify the price range of its products, these modifications having no influence on the orders previously validated by www.jaipurschoice.be.
By filling in and validating the order form, it is understood that the Buyer accepts, without any reservation, the present General Terms of Sales as well as the Privacy Policy.

www.jaipurschoice.be reserves its right to modify these Terms and Conditions without any prior notification. The new modified General terms of Sales will apply instantly except to orders already validated by www.jaipurschoice.be which remain under the General Conditions in force at the date of the order confirmation.

Ordering process
The Buyer browses the www.jaipurschoice.be website and selects the products of interest. 
Following this personal research, the Buyer selects one or more products he proposes to acquire via the icon “add to shopping basket”. 
At the end of the product selection stage, the Buyer clicks on the icon “confirm and pay my order” and is informed of the delivery methods suggested by www.jaipurschoice.be. 
Any order placed within the framework of this Service is considered as final at the end of four successive stages mentioned here below. 
Each stage is successively completed by clicking the confirmation icon “next”. 
If the Buyer wishes to modify an element of his order, he clicks on the icon “Previous”. 
By confirming the last confirmation, the Buyer is contractually engaged.

1. Order details
A web page incorporating the overview and details of the order is proposed to the Buyer for confirmation.
The details of the order include:
- The quantity and the description of the ordered products;
- The unit price of each product, the total price of the order including VAT, any processing fees;
- The delivery method;

If the Buyer wishes to modify or correct his order, he clicks on the "Previous" icon.
If the Buyer wishes to continue his order, he will be invited to confirm his agreement with the www.jaipurschoice.be Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Disclaimer by ticking the box provided therefor and then clicking on the ‘Next’ icon.
If an error is detected in the order, an error message is displayed as soon as the aforementioned error is detected.

2. Buyer address and delivery address
At the end of the first stage, the Buyer is invited to encode the data related to his address (residence or invoicing) as well as the address for the delivery. 
For the professional Buyer (professional purchases), the purchase invoice is downloadable in PDF mode in the clients' account.
The customer continues his order in clicking on the icon “next” and thus reaches the third ordering stage. 

3. Payment method selection
In this third stage,
- Either the Buyer chooses to pick his order up in store while paying via the INGENICO system 
- Either the Buyer chooses the order delivery, taking the shipping costs into account while paying via  the INGENICO system  

Once the method of payment is selected, the Buyer continues his order by clicking on the "Next" icon.

4. Payment and validation
In this fourth and final stage, the Buyer is invited to introduce his bank details and to validate them. At this point, it is still possible for the Buyer to cancel his order by clicking on the "Cancel" icon.

Order confirmation by www.jaipurschoice.be and processing of the order
The Buyer receives a confirmation of his order by e-mail
This confirmation includes: 
- The order number
- The order date
- The Buyer’s address and delivery address
- The order details (as enumerated in article 5) and the total price of the order, VAT included.
 The contact details of www.jaipurschoice.be (See articles www.jaipurschoice.be contact details and “Contact and Customer service”).
- Procedure for the revocation right of the Buyer.
www.jaipurschoice.be reserves its right to suspend or refuse the order confirmation in the following cases:
- Incomplete or incorrect order;
- Obviously erroneous data communication;
- Non-payment of previous deliveries or  payment denied by the Buyer’s financial institution  (cfr. Below: payment);

Notwithstanding any written evidence or any other evidence stored on any durable medium available to the Buyer, it is agreed that computerized records, stored in the computerized systems of www.jaipurschoice.be, its host or its payment partner, constitute evidence of the communications, the content of orders and all transactions between the parties.

Offering, Pricing and modifications
Offers and prices are valid on the day of consultation of the www.jaipurschoice.be website.  They may be modified at any time, these modifications having no influence on the obligations of the parties for orders previously confirmed by www.jaipurschoice.be.
Where appropriate, any change in the Belgian VAT rate may be immediately reflected on the indicated prices.

Any other present and future taxes, duties and debits (excluding taxes on income and profit) that may be created by an authority on the occasion or in application of sales subject to these General Conditions, are always chargeable to the Buyer. If the taxes are applicable, they are payable in addition of the products prices.
The prices at the end of the order process are the overall prices and include, unless otherwise stated, Belgian VAT and any administrative fees.
The prices are made out in Euros.

www.jaipurschoice.be products and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the www.jaipurschoice.be website within the limit of available stocks at www.jaipurschoice.be or by its suppliers.
In case of product unavailability, the Buyer is informed and can cancel his order by contacting the www.jaipurschoice.be customer service. In any case, www.jaipurschoice.be is not liable for any damage arising out of or in connection with the non-availability of a product.

The order will be delivered to the delivery address specified by the Buyer during the ordering process.
The ordered products can only be delivered to an address located in Europe, excluding a post box.
Delivery will be made by a secure shipment.
The document resulting from the scanning carried out during the delivery of the order will constitute a presumption of the actual deposit of the order (and of its good reception by the Buyer). This scanning will prevail, in the absence of proof to the contrary brought by the Buyer.
The delivery date is an estimated date, www.jaipurschoice.be cannot be held responsible in any case for longer delivery delays. A longer delivery period does not in any case generate a right of withdrawal, cancellation or rebate claim of the order.

www.jaipurschoice.be will only issue an invoice in the sense of the VAT Act to the Professional Buyer (professional purchases) and provided that the latter introduces his VAT number or, his Business number or his National Registration Number in the designated field.
If the (professional) Buyer wishes to obtain a purchase invoice mentioning a different address from the delivery one, he may, at the time of the order, specify an address by validating the option provided on the form and encode the appropriate data.
However, a purchase invoice is always available in PDF format in the customer account.
The price charged for invoicing is the price mentioned on the www.jaipurschoice.be website, accessible from the single URL http://www.jaipurschoice.be on the day of the order.
No commercial discount will be applied on purchases made through the Service.

Delivery time
www.jaipurschoice.be will ensure that the order is processed as soon as possible. 
The delivery periods mentioned in the order process (stage 1 of the order process) are averaged treatment and delivery durations and are strictly indicative. www.jaipurschoice.be cannot be made responsible for the possible delays in the orders' treatment or their deliveries. 
www.jaipurschoice.be reserves the right to split the delivery of the products according to their availabilities or in case of receiving the products of an order at different dates. In these cases, the customer will be always informed of these delays. 

Processing fees
The processing fees to be supported by the Buyer are communicated online at the time of the order and are included in the ordered product prices (confirmed by e-mail).  If www.jaipurschoice.be has to split the delivery, the processing fees will be accounted only once.

All the products proposed via the service are described in good will and the most accurately possible.  Product images presented on the www.jaipurschoice.be website do not have any contractual value.  In case of product damage or improper delivery, the Buyer has the right to return it back to to www.jaipurschoice.be, within a timeframe of 14 working days after delivery. This period exceeded, www.jaipurschoice.be reserves the right not to take the product back.
www.jaipurschoice.be will replace or reimburse the ordered product, as well as the possible general and administration fees, within a period of 30 calendar days after reception of the returned product. 
The period of 14 working days exceeded, www.jaipurschoice.be reserves the right not to take the product back or to reimburse it.
www.jaipurschoice.be reserves the right not to take the product back in case they are returned damaged.
In any case, an order will be considered as delivered in accordance with article 10, meaning according to the information indicated on the document resulting from the scanning carried out during the delivery of the order.
In case of one or more ordered product(s) is (are) not delivered to the delivery address within a period of 30 calendar days after order confirmation, it is up to the Buyer to check the status of his order by contacting as soon as possible the www.jaipurschoice.be customer service (contact details-see above).
In case of evidence that the shipment performed, with respect of the article 10, would have been lost during the delivery process, www.jaipurschoice.be would proceed to a new shipment or would reimburse the order amount, processing fees included.

The warranty of products offered by www.jaipurschoice.be is ensured by their manufacturers under their defined conditions and not by www.jaipurschoice.be, not being manufacturer of these articles.

In any case, orders placed via the Service are payable by credit cards or bank card through the OGONE INGENICO secured system.
In case of use of a credit card, authorization will be requested to the Buyer financial organization at the time of the order.
www.jaipurschoice.be remains the owner of the products sold until full order payment.

Intellectual rights
The www.jaipurschoice.be website and its contents are protected by copyright. It also contains representations protected by third parties copyright. The reproduction, translation, modification or dissemination of all or part of this website and / or these representations, in any form whatsoever, is prohibited, except with the prior written consent of www.jaipurschoice.be or of these third parties. Any partial or total reproduction, translation, modification or diffusion of the aforementioned elements is strictly forbidden. Any infringement of such intellectual rights will give rise to civil and criminal prosecution.

Www.jaipurschoice.be cannot be made responsible for any whatsoever direct or indirect damage (loss of use, loss of profit, loss of chance…) resulting from the use of the Service.
www.jaipurschoice.be cannot be made responsible for the content of third parties' websites to which it establishes a hypertext link, in particular regarding the protection of privacy.
Www.jaipurschoice.be cannot be made responsible for the non-processing of orders in cases of force majeure, disturbance, total or partial strike especially of postal services, of conveyances and / or of communications, in case of flood or fire.


Jaipur's Choice is in no way responsible for colors and sizes.

- A photo may be slightly different from reality.
- The customer is responsible for chosing size. Namely that each brand / model does not cut in the same way.

No exchange can be made on the basis of these two criteria.
Items may be out of stock, the customer will be informed immediately and may choose to be refunded or wait for his item.
If the order is for multiple items, Jaipur's Choice has the right to send part of the stock items and then a second shipment to its charge with the remaining items.

www.jaipurschoice.be offers the online ordering process to Buyers in 3 languages, FRENCH - ENGLISH - DUTCH.

Contracts concluded via the Service are archived by www.jaipurschoice.be but are not accessible to third parties (including Buyers).

www.jaipurschoice.be is committed to respect the 8th December 1992 law related to the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data.

Any disagreement related to the use of the Service, the application or interpretation of these General Conditions of Sales will exclusively be governed by the Belgian law.
Solely, the Belgian courts will have jurisdiction in case of litigation.

Customer service and claims
For the follow-up of an order, any question or potential claim related to the integrity of delivered products, the Buyer can contact:
www.jaipurschoice.be - JAIPUR’S CHOICE SPRL
phone number: +32 2 768 10 86
E-mail: [email protected]
Transaction proposals which may be formulated for commercial purposes can, in no case, be interpreted as a waiver of these General Conditions of Sales.